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7 Ways to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories, Tracking Points, or Going Crazy

I made an executive decision yesterday that with Christmas Eve and Christmas right around the corner (NINTENDO 64!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I’d treat myself to a little blog-cation. Now, don’t get me wrong:  I love writing this blog. But sometimes I just need to take a break, smell the fudge roses, take a dee breath, and chillax. So… Read more

Is There a Fitness Double Standard?

When my girlfriend and I first started dating 3.5 years ago, one of the major attractions between the two of us was that we both had an insatiable appetite for fitness.  Well that, and we both had an insatiable appetite in the literal sense, too. On our first date we crushed fajitas. But fitness and… Read more

A Girlfriend’s Response To the Atrocity That Is Women’s Fitness Marketing

UPDATE: said girlfriend who wrote this post is now my wife. Holla! It seems I ruffled a few feathers last week when I re-visited my 4 Things Your Girlfriend Should Know article. For those who need to catch up: 1.  I wrote an article five years ago. 2.  It got sucked into some sort of… Read more