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Sometimes I get sick of teaching people how to squat correctly or convincing people that not benching 3x per week won’t start the Apocalypse. Sometimes I just want to talk about Beast Wars, food, or a recent movie I saw. This section is what I do so that I don’t have to assume a fake identity and start trolling random message boards.

Day 1: The Gentilewis European Adventure Begins!

Friends, Thank you for joining Tony and I on our European Adventure! I am currently delirious and have been up since 4:15am Thursday… as I write this, it is 1:18pm Friday. But isn’t that how all European adventures begin?? If you’re just tuning in, thanks for reading about our trip! If you’re a friend or… Read more

Movie Review: The Martian

Screw the conventional, formulaic approach to writing movie reviews. You know those snazzy, buzzword filled headlines a lot of studios use from various magazine or newspaper reviewers to help promote their movie? Examples include: “4 Stars” “Damon shines!” “Best space drama since Apollo 13.” Those are all fine and dandy, if not woefully lame. Here’s… Read more

Movie Review: Sicario

Three words: Sicario is sick. And I don’t mean sick as in bad. I mean sick as in “holy shit balls this movie is fucking amazing.” For those who need a minor brush up on their Spanish, the word ‘sicario’ can be translated to mean “hit man,” which I knew because 1) I remember all… Read more

Movie Review: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation wastes little time jumping straight into the action. Well, there’s also jumping, and running, and a sniper roll tossed in for good measure. All of which culminates with Tom Cruise’s character, IMF agent, Ethan Hunt, grabbing onto the side of an airplane as it takes off with a payload of nerve gas… Read more