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Sometimes I get sick of teaching people how to squat correctly or convincing people that not benching 3x per week won’t start the Apocalypse. Sometimes I just want to talk about Beast Wars, food, or a recent movie I saw. This section is what I do so that I don’t have to assume a fake identity and start trolling random message boards.

Favorite Movies of 2014 (The Fan Boy, I Promise I Don’t Still Live in My Parent’s Basement Version)

In case you missed it, I shared my uppity snob list of favorite movies of 2014 not too long ago. You can check it out HERE. To enjoy it and to really bask in it’s uppityness, I’d encourage you to peruse it while bathing in a gold plated tub filled with Riesling while a Victoria… Read more

Favorite Movies of 2014 (The Uppity Movie Snob Version)

I’ve made it known that if I weren’t a strength coach I’d somehow try to find a way to watch movies for a living.  Photo Credit: Erin M Okay, that’s a lie. First I’d want to be a professional baseball player. Second choice would be an Avenger. And third would have to be starting my… Read more

Classy, Comfy, Complimentary: Steel & Rye

Note from Tony: Every weekend Lisa and I make the trek into the city (Boston) to eat some fabulous food. We’re original and appropriately call this event “Date Night.”  [FYI: Lisa vetoed my idea to call it something with more bravado: I.e., “A Night of Libations, Eating Dead Animal Flesh, and Crushing Gluten.” Yes, I… Read more

Something I Never Thought I’d Call Myself…..

A Belieber! Bahahaha! Just kidding. Actually the word I’m looking for is “foodie.” I never thought I’d refer to myself as a foodie. Photo Credit: Nadia Seccareccia Or, as Urban Dictionary eloquently refers to it, “a douchebag who likes food.” In that case I’ll raise my hand and offer myself to judgement and possible ridicule: “My… Read more


  Only 384 days until Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens opens (Dec 2015). So we’re clear: having a nerd boner for that long is completely healthy, right? I trust JJ Abrams implicitly. He mentioned in an interview I read not too long ago that he was going to try to not rely… Read more

Movie Review: Whiplash

There’s a scene in Whiplash where the camera pans over Andrew’s shoulder (played by Miles Teller) as he’s lying on his bed tapping his fingers to an imagined tempo reverberating inside his head to a quote on his wall that says, “if you can’t do it right, you’ll end up joining a rock band.” Or… Read more

The Start of “Us”

I’m not a fan of talking about myself. I realize this comes across as a tad ironic given you’re reading (that’s me!!), and to some degree or another I discuss or divulge a medley of personal life happenings or events that transpire on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. So, in a way,… Read more

Confessions of an Introverted Strength Coach – Part II

Photo Credit: seaternity  Oops, one day late.  My bad. In part I of Confessions of an Introverted Strength Coach I discussed some of the misconceptions of what it actually means to be an introvert and then dissected some of the characteristics separating introverts from extroverts. I also linked to a simple test you can take… Read more