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Building the Squat From the Bottom

We all know that squats are a staple movement that span the gauntlet when it comes to helping people get stronger, leaner, and faster. Blah, blah, blabbidy, blah. That’s all well and good. But lets be honest. Squats also help build bodacious bottoms. Photo Credit: Max Planes There’s a reason why no one has ever… Read more

Two Dudes Talking Core Training

Regulars to this site are very familiar with the name Mike Robertson. He’s a good friend, but also a coach I respect immensely. Not only does he produce top-notch athletes who are seemingly bulletproof, but he’s also someone who continuously churns out quality content that helps elevate the strength and conditioning/fitness community. He also has… Read more

13 Ways to Improve Your Deadlift, FAST!

You could say I like to write about deadlifts. Well that, and zombies. Or zombies fighting ninjas. Or how adorable my cat is, which has nothing to do with zombies. Oh, and speaking of cats……cats vs. zombies. But mostly I like to write about deadlifts. Photo Credit: Andrey In my latest article that went up… Read more

The Over Warm-Up: And How It Can Help You Lift More Weight

The warm-up. Lets be honest: most of you reading either skip it altogether or discreetly brush it to the side as something you know you should be doing, but, you know, don’t. I’m not here to judge. I do it too. Photo Credit: j. Stephan I don’t feel I need to sit here like an… Read more

5 Strategies for Healthy Shoulders

Unlike Dan John, I lack the ability to seemingly rattle off an array of quotable quotes with the frequency of a Donald Trump soundbite. That said, every now and then luck strikes and I chime in with gem like this: “Lifting weights isn’t supposed to tickle.” Photo Credit: Gregor Winter Muscles are going to get… Read more

Top 3 Female Push-Up Mistakes

Having a novice female perform a push-up for the first time is like watching someone drive a stick shift for the first time. It looks super simple however, in order to succeed at it you must have both quality, technique and practice. The push-up is a fantastic exercise with a list of numerous benefits from… Read more

Strength Starts Here: Breath, Control, Express Badassery

I always enjoy when I have the opportunity to introduce my readers to someone new; coach’s who are “in the trenches,” doing great things, and are well articulate in conveying their message. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Chris Abbott. He’s a coach and gym owner based in Chicago. As it happened, he sent me… Read more

Are Compound Movements Actually Making You Stronger?

Understandably, the title of this post suggests some nefarious agenda where my goal is to spend the next few minutes explaining why we’ve had it all wrong the entire time. Photo Credit: Elitefts “You mean to tell us, Tony, there’s a chance compound movements don’t make people stronger?” “What’s next: telling us water isn’t wet,… Read more