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5 Strategies for Healthy Shoulders

Unlike Dan John, I lack the ability to seemingly rattle off an array of quotable quotes with the frequency of a Donald Trump soundbite. That said, every now and then luck strikes and I chime in with gem like this: “Lifting weights isn’t supposed to tickle.” Photo Credit: Gregor Winter Muscles are going to get… Read more

Top 3 Female Push-Up Mistakes

Having a novice female perform a push-up for the first time is like watching someone drive a stick shift for the first time. It looks super simple however, in order to succeed at it you must have both quality, technique and practice. The push-up is a fantastic exercise with a list of numerous benefits from… Read more

Strength Starts Here: Breath, Control, Express Badassery

I always enjoy when I have the opportunity to introduce my readers to someone new; coach’s who are “in the trenches,” doing great things, and are well articulate in conveying their message. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Chris Abbott. He’s a coach and gym owner based in Chicago. As it happened, he sent me… Read more

Are Compound Movements Actually Making You Stronger?

Understandably, the title of this post suggests some nefarious agenda where my goal is to spend the next few minutes explaining why we’ve had it all wrong the entire time. Photo Credit: Elitefts “You mean to tell us, Tony, there’s a chance compound movements don’t make people stronger?” “What’s next: telling us water isn’t wet,… Read more

Intensity = Lift More Weight NOT Lift Weight More

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of strength coach, nutritionist, and researcher, Mike Sheridan. Mike’s written for this site before. His article Is Running Natural? was a big hit and sparked some friendly debate. This time around he cracks the whip on what the term “intensity” really means. Enjoy! Intensity = Lift More Weight NOT Lift… Read more

3 Ways the Kettlebell Deadlift Can Improve Your Barbell Deadlift

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Providence, RI based strength coach, Joe DeLeo. He discusses the kettlebell deadlift and why it can have a lot of influence on one’s performance with the barbell deadlift. Enjoy! 3 Ways the Kettlebell Deadlift Can Improve Your Barbell Deadlift The kettlebell deadlift can help you improve your barbell deadlift… Read more

Find a Winning Community: Spandex Optional. Why More Woman Should Consider Strength Training

People tend to perform best and feel their best when they know they’re a part of a community. Photo Credit: JD Hancock This sentiment is true in almost any context whether referring to AA, drama club, team sports, galactic Empires, or hell, even one of those super secret societies, like in the movie Eyes Wide… Read more

3 Squat Variations You Haven’t Tried Yet, But Need To

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake – or JVB as she’s affectionately called – a coach at The Movement Minneapolis, competitive powerlifter, and author (along with Jen Sinkler) of Unapologetically Powerful, a new resource designed as a go-to source for learning the “big 3” lifts, and removes the intimidation often attached at… Read more