Who cares what everyone says you have to do!  Set your own rules to live the life you want.

Why do we continue doing the things we do despite knowing better? Want to make better decisions?  Want to help your clients make better decisions?  Read this book.

We all think we’re above average in everything.  Why do we make mistakes? This book answers that question.

It’s human nature to lie, just as it’s human nature to cheat and to seek the easy route.  We’re programmed to think this is bad…..but is it, really?

Sometimes we just need a little “nudge” to help us make better decisions with regards to our health, wealth, and happiness.

We’re very biased in how we make decisions.  Being irrational with our decision making can have a downside AND upside.

Gives a really interesting (and entertaining) look into what REALLY drives people to succeed.

Written by the same guys who wrote Made to Stick, this book goes into detail on how to make change when change is hard.