Monthly Archives: May 2008

Exercises You Should Be Doing (Prone Plate Switches)

When it comes to planks, many trainees (as well as trainers) are under the assumption that the only way to “progress” is to perform them for longer periods of time. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather swallow a live grenade than perform planks for MORE time. Furthermore, if I’m working with a client… Read more

ACL, Again.

Last week ESPN featured a story on Sara Tucholsky- a senior softball player for Western Oregon State. Long story short: Sara had never hit a home-run in her life. In a tight game versus arch rival Central Washington, Sara finally went yard. However, in her excitement, she forgot to touch first base and while she… Read more

Training vs. Talent

Just wanted to pass along a really great article written by Paul Caldwell titled, “Training Versus Talent.” In short, Paul states: Over the course of working with hundreds of clients from different backgrounds and sports, I’ve noticed a disturbing phenomenon. I’ve become even more aware of this phenomenon since I started scouting and training athletes…. Read more

Read Those Labels!

I came across a “blurb” on Yahoo a few weeks ago regarding shady food labels and it’s rather astonishing the extent that food companies will go to dupe people into thinking they’re eating healthy food. Terms such as lite, low-cal, or free of trans fat are often deemed “good choices” by many consumers and mistakenly… Read more