Monthly Archives: April 2009

Tax Day-Fitness Related Edition

Like the majority of Americans today, I’m recovering from the manic depression that inevitably comes with paying our government 1/3 of my income. In fact, I’m so depressed about how much I owe “The Man” I may just stay at home today and watch an episode of One Tree Hill. *45 minutes, and one pint… Read more

Morning Cup of Vomiting In My Mouth II

As the title suggest, I’m bringing back a classic. I need to do this more often. From Two decades after revolutionizing women’s fitness with step aerobics*, Reebok has unveiled “Jukari Fit to Fly,” a new exercise program that the company is bringing to gyms worldwide. Through a partnership with entertainment company Cirque du Soleil,… Read more

Snuffleupagus Strikes Again……and Again

From the Huffington Post: Blame the economy? The pricey gym Gwyneth Paltrow and trainer Tracey Anderson are opening this month in Tribeca may be having problems finding clients. A spy said Anderson – who’s also responsible for Madonna’s freakishly buff bod – and gym reps have been cold-calling people asking them to come in for… Read more

Blogging Update: There is no Update

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the blogging front as of late. I’m currently in the midst of searching for a new apartment, and it’s been about as much fun as a rectal exam. Needless to say it’s been taking up a lot of time and it’s not going quite as smoothly as I had hoped…. Read more

Product Review: The Parisi Warm-Up Method

Anyone who’s trained athletes, or “weekend warriors” for that matter, knows how important warming up is. In my experience, many trainees have no clue how to warm-up properly, and as a result, either dismiss it entirely or haphazardly go through a general cookie-cutter routine. Think about it- how does peddling on a bike for ten… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday (two days late)

Long story short: I was stranded in Indianapolis Sunday (my flight back to Boston was canceled last minute due to a faulty seal in the hatch), so I flew back early Monday morning instead. Needless to say, I’m just now able to update my blog, and since I usually start the week with a “Miscellaneous… Read more