More Un-Cut and Uncencored Footage of the 2nd Annual Cressey Performance Thanksgiving Morning Lift

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Okay, I gotta be honest and say that I wasn’t really planning on posting anything today. After getting up early to train the ladies this morning, and then putting in a full days worth of coaching athletes, the last thing on my mind when I walked into my apartment tonight was writing a blog. Truth be told, I was just going to take a mulligan and spend the rest of my evening catching up on programs I need to write, possibly boil some eggs, maybe listen to a Mandy Moore cd, and then veg out and read a few more chapters of the book I’m currently reading- Eating Animals.

SPOILER ALERT: While this is quite possibly the most kickass title of any book ever written (sorry Everyone Poops), I’m sad to report that there is nothing remotely ass-kickery about it. Matter of fact, it’s about as un-kickass as it gets once you realize the entire premise of the book is that we shouldn’t eat animals. Hahahahaha. That’s hilarious. Except, you know, it isn’t. Shame on you guy I’m never going to buy a book from again Jonathan Safran Foer. Shame. On. You.*

In any case, while I had every intention of not posting anything tonight, that was put on back burner when I noticed Eric Cressey posted some more footage from the 2nd Annual Cressey Performance Thanksgiving Morning Lift over on his blog not too long ago:

SPOILER ALERT #2: 0:32 second mark= I’m pretty sure my bicep could fight an aircraft carrier and win 9 times out of 10.

* All kidding aside, it’s actually a really interesting read. And while I’d make out with a blender before I give up eating meat, the author definitely sheds some light on just how “unpalatable” animal factory farming is. Pretty eye opening to say the least.

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