Monthly Archives: February 2010

Welcome to the New and Improved

We’ve been alluding to it for a few weeks now, and the wait is finally over: is officially live. We’re pretty excited about the new site to say the least. For starters, it’s pretty much the best website in the history of the internet. We can’t thank CP client Tim Roy and his team… Read more

Girls Can Do Push-Ups Too. And Make You 15 Minutes Late to a Dinner Reservation Because They Couldn’t Pick an Outfit to Wear, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! But Enough About That. Anyways, About Those Push-Ups……

One of my biggest pet peeves in the fitness industry, other than guys who curl in the squat rack, and anything related to Tracy Anderson (of course), is the whole concept of the “girl push-up.” We all know the drill- guys are told to do regular push-ups, and girls- because we assume they can’t do… Read more

Just Another Manic Monday?

Well, actually, it was just another manic Thursday as a handful of our pro-baseball guys decided to have an 80’s theme day at CP yesterday. That’s five major league organizations represented in the picture above (Mets, RedSox, Athletics, Angels, and Braves respectively). It goes without saying that we’re all about helping our athletes get bigger,… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Supposed to Be Working

1. Insulin and Weight Loss: They Still Don’t Get It– Leigh Peele Here’s a nice presentation Leigh Peele threw together not too long ago that I thought was spot on. People, carbohydrates serve a purpose. Sweet potatoes aren’t junk food. No, really, they’re not! Oh, and guess what carbhaters? You can get fat independent of… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday (The Best Superbowl Ads, New CP Site, and Other Stuff)

1. Raise your hand if you woke up this morning with a massive food hangover. Man oh man, did I ever eat a lot of food yesterday. In hindsight, however, the food choices really weren’t that bad- I just, you know, crushed it. My girlfriend and I went over to the First Lady of CP… Read more

Lifting Heav(ier) Stuff Makes You Smarter. No, Really!

I’ve made an executive decision (as of ten minutes ago) that I’m going to dedicate more material towards women specific training. It makes perfect sense, really. I mean for starters, most of the lay press out there marketing themselves as authorities in women’s fitness makes me want to detach my retinas. Above all, however, I… Read more

Inglorious Basterds vs. Food Prep

I was faced with a bit of a conundrum last night. I could either go home, pop Inglorious Basterds into my Blu-ray player and call it a night OR go do my grocery shopping and prep my food for the upcoming week. I’ll be honest, I really wanted to do the former. I mean, I… Read more

Enablers: Uh Oh, There’s a Girl Deadlifting

Saturdays tend to be our busiest (as well as our most “diverse”) day at CP. Within any given hour, you can walk in and witness some of our professional athletes training right alongside some of our college/high school athletes. Moreover, it’s also the day when the vast majority our women come in to train as… Read more