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1. Read THIS article and tell me it’s not the biggest nuclear bomb of retard sauce you’ve ever read. First off, Gillian Michaels is the devil incarnate and the biggest hypocrite known to man. I really don’t know how she can look herself in the mirror and call herself a fitness professional. Here’s a woman whose claim to fame is preaching exercise and diet to people, and that there are no quick fixes; yet she’s now pimping supplements? She deserves to get sued.

But come on, how is it possible that someone is that stupid to think they can eat chocolate cake all day, and expect to magically lose weight because she takes a “diet pill?” Oh wait, are there white wizards and dragon tears involved? There are???? Well, in that case……..

2. One of the most kick-ass (and funnest) movies I have watched in a long time:

3. Speaking of movies, my thoughts on the Oscars last night:

– Meryl should have won over Sandra.

– Needed more cowbell.

– That dance sequence in the middle was sick.

– I was kind of indifferent about The Hurt Locker winning Best Picture. It was okay, but Avatar literally changed the way we’ll watch movies from here on out. That’s saying something.

– Kathryn Bigelow, the director of The Hurt Locker (and winner of Best Director) is a straight up smoke-show

4. I hate 1RM calculators. Don’t say your 1RM is “x” if you haven’t actually lifted it.

5. I conventional pulled 500 lbs for 6×3 on Saturday. So, according to my calculations, I can deadlift a mack truck. With one one arm.

6. My good friend (and one of the smartest people I know when it comes to nutrition) Cassandra Forsythe just launched her new website, and it looks fantastic! Check it out HERE

7. I always get my balls busted because I like to wear “form fitting” shirts. You know, to show off my personality. I was in Whole Foods on Saturday and as I was going through the checkout line, the cashier (a dude) started asking me where I train, blah blah blah. I casually mentioned that I’m a co-owner of a facility and I handed him my card. There’s a lesson to be learned here: If wearing smedium shirts is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Well that, and I was looking pretty gunny that day.

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