Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work

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1. What Women Want– Bret Contreras

I haven’t the faintest idea, but Bret shares some great insight on how to help women achieve a badonkadonk that just won’t quit, which is a start. Like Bret, I too believe that for the bulk of women out there, squats, deadlifts, and various single leg exercises will work wonders. Unfortunately, for many, they spend an inordinate amount of time using those hip abductor/adductor machines and performing 1/4 squats in the Smith machine, that they’re often perplexed as to why their butt looks like a 2×4.

That being said, however, many of the exercises that are great for the glutes, are also great at developing the thighs. Not a bad thing per se, but if you want to turn a woman off completely to strength training, make it so she can’t get her favorite pair of jeans past her knees. And you thought pissing on the toilet seat made her mad?

In any case, Bret sheds some light on the topic and I thought it was fantastic.

2. 4 Things Your Girlfriend Should Know– Me

I can’t remember whether or not I linked to this article before, so forgive me if I have. Either way, this is probably one of my more popular articles I have ever written. And, considering the fact that I’m trying to include more female related content, this fits it quite nicely.

3. Hip Mobility: Femoral Anteversion– Bill Hartman

Bill’s often been called one of the smartest minds in the industry- and with good reason.

4. Never Eat Alone– Keith Ferrazzi

I’m always asked by incoming trainers and strength coaches what books they should read to get better. Sure, I’ll recommend the geeky stuff, but being a good trainer and coach is just as much about becoming a better “people person” and having the ability to develop relationships as it is being able to name off insertion and origins of muscles. Besides, if you have the personality of a bowling ball, that certainly isn’t going to help matters. This one is easily in my top 10.

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