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All I have to say is holy sheeeeeeeeit. Alicia Keys totally rocked my world last night. Hands down, the woman can sing; not to mention puts on an amazing show. My girlfriend and I showed up around 7:30, found our seats, and listened to the opening act, which was awful. I don’t know, I’m not a music critic, but it sounded more like a whale passing a kidney stone than anything else.

Nevertheless, once the stage was set, and Alicia finally came on, it was on. I won’t bore you with the details, but I did catch the opening sequence with my digital camera, and will post that later tonight once I’m home.

UPDATE: Here’s the opening number from the concert, courtesy of my digital camera that clearly needs to be replaced when my b-day rolls around by a certain someone who’s name starts with my girlfriend.

Not coincidentally, we were seated no less than 80 yds away. Freakin restraining orders!

That being said, I had a brain-fart last night and forgot to set the alarm. As such, I was in a little of a rush to get to CP this morning to train the women’s group, and don’t really have any great content this morning.

1. Timing is Everything – Joe Heiler

This was an article that was originally published on the Perform Better newsletter a few weeks ago, and I thought it was fantastic – particularly with regards to muscle timing and dissociation of the lumbar spine.

2. Blood and Chalk: Jim Wendler Talks Big Weights – Bryan Krahn

Much like you can always count on Tom Cruise being batshit crazy, Jim Wendler always gives a great interview. Here, he discusses why most trainees are retarded when they attempt to compare their programming to that of a professional athlete, amongst other things that are equally as retarded. If for anything else, read the last “bonus” section- classic!

3. Switch – Chip and Dan Heath

From the same authors of Made to Stick, this book deals with “how to make change, when change is hard.” As is the case with most books I read, I always try to find some way to apply the main concepts to stuff I come across every day with some of my clients; whether it’s trying to lose those extra five lbs of fat, making an effort to eat breakfast in the morning, trying to get more sleep, or trying not to jump off the loading dock head first when Eric Cressey plays the same playlist over and over and over and over again.

Needless to say, for anyone looking to make ANY change in their life, this book hits the nail on the head.

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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