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We eat like shit, and it’s killing us.

That statement shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone reading. As of today, and as chef Jamie Oliver states in the video linked below, the previous four generations have blessed our children with a shorter lifespan than their parents- in no small part because of the landscape of food we have built around them.

Diet related disease is the #1 killer in America. That’s a fact. Know what else is a fact? Jake is an idiot for picking Vienna over Tenley in the season finale of The Bachelor.* What’s more, 10% of our health care costs can be directly attributed to obesity- to the tune of 150 billion per year. And, that number is expected to double in ten years.

In any case, if you have 20 minutes to spare, I highly encourage you to watch this presentation that Jamie Oliver gave recently at the TED Prize Award ceremony.

* Seriously, that was a bigger upset than Rocky over Drago, or the Giants over the Patriots. Only, you know, with more gonorrhea and what not.

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