Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday

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1. What an awesome weekend! First off, we had four straight days of beautiful weather. Secondly, the Sox beat the Yankees last night to open the 2010 MLB season. Thirdly, and most important, I pretty much have the coolest girlfriend, like ever. I mean come on – how many girls would be willing to get up early on a Sunday morning to head over to Harvard to bang out some sprints at the football stadium?

2. We spent the entire day yesterday walking around the city. Some highlights:

– It takes someone with big brass balls of steel to walk around downtown Boston with Yankee gear on. Just sayin…..

– Saks Fifth Avenue was closed yesterday. As such, my GF’s devious plan of taking me in to try on a new pair of jeans was foiled. Bummer (but not really). For the record, who in their right mind would pay $160 for a pair of jeans? You know how many bags of beef jerky that could buy?????????

– Okay, so at one point in the day, we came across a bit of a spectacle. On one side of the street, there was a Japanease anime convention going on, and on the other, there were people standing in line outside of the Apple store waiting to buy their iPad. So I guess you could say we walked into nerd hell.

I was half expecting to witness an all out geek Battle-Royale to break out. Maybe throw in a couple of White Wizards and Wookies in for good measure. But then I realized I went to a Norah Jones concert the week beforehand and had no room to talk.

3. On Saturday, one of my online clients was in town visiting his girlfriend’s parents. As is the case every time he’s in town, he decided he’d make a cameo appearance at CP and get a lift in.

As it were, earlier in the week, I had programmed for him to test is 1RM in the trap bar. Prior to training with me, Jon had never deadlifted more then 280 lbs, so as you can imagine, I was ecstatic when he told me that he nailed 330 lbs!

I decided, however, that I was going to do a bit of a social experiment and test his 1RM again. Yes, that means he was testing his 1RM twice in the same week – heresy I know. Simply put, I wanted to see whether or not I could increase his 1RM by merely looking at him.

Result – 10 lb PR. Nice work, Jon!

4. Since he moved into his new house across the street from CP, here’s how everyday starts whenever I see Eric:

Me: Hey, what’s up?

Eric: Oh, not much. I’m lovin the two minute walk to work.

Me: Wow, that never gets old rubbing that in, huh?

Eric: Yeah, and guess how long it will take me to get home tonight? Two minutes. You know, cause I live right across the street now.

Me: *grabs Eric’s iPod and throws it in the garbage disposal* Opps, no more Linkin Park! *slams door*

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