Women and Lower Body Training

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I’m often asked, given my affinity for telling people to lifting heavy stuff, whether or not I’m ever concerned about lower body hypertrophy (muscle growth) in women.

Short answer: no, not really. While there are definitely some exceptions to the rule (more on this below), I’ve often found that the vast majority of women who complain that they don’t fit into their favorite pair of jeans anymore is more a culprit of the two mocha lattes they’ve had every day for the past three years than it is the additional weight we put on the barbell.

That said, on occasion, there are instances where I have to make adjustments from a programming standpoint for clients who, despite getting stronger, looking leaner, feeling better, and being infinitely more badass, feel they’re adding too much mass on their thighs. *shrugs*

Nevertheless, I’m going to be brutally honest here. I really have to go launch a streamer (TMI?). So, rather than re-invent the wheel and go off on some long rant about knee dominant vs. hip dominant, low rep vs. high rep, physiological hypertrophy vs. “mental” hypertrophy, and why women might want to include more anteroposterior exercises (think: hip thrusters) if they want glutes that can crack a walnut, I’ll just direct people to the video below that one of my readers (thanks Meaghan) shared in the comments section of yesterday’s blog, which features Valerie Waters and Mike Boyle elucidating many of my thoughts on the matter.



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