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As of 6:37 PM last night, I’m officially on vacation. I didn’t even check my emails when I woke up this morning – that’s how “on vacation” I am right now. Nope, instead, I woke up at the butt-ass crack of dawn with my girlfriend and drove into the city to attend her Friday morning spin-class. Back when we first met (last July), I would pretty much say anything to woo her.

– OMG, An Officer and a Gentleman is your favorite movie, too?

– Of course, I’d love to wash the dishes!

– You know, I was supposed to go hang with the boys and ride dirt bikes and hunt bear, but I think I’d rather stay in tonight and talk about our feelings. Want a foot rub?

You get the picture. Well, low and behold, roughly ten months ago (probably on our third date, who knows) I told her that if or when I could pull it off, I’d make it a point to come in and participate in one of her spin classes. This morning was that day. I love her, but to me, spinning has always been the equivalent of setting my face on fire, while getting kicked in the gonads……repeatedly.

I mean, I like to lift heavy stuff. Doing anything that requires more than 30 seconds of work, let alone 45 minutes, is cardio to me. I hate cardio. And yes, I realize that some of you have dirty minds and will take that completely out of context. Good for you!

Conversely, however, I’ll recommend spinning to many of my clients because A) I do recognize that it’s a fantastic form of controlled interval training, B) as such, they’ll not only improve their aerobic capcity, but their anaerobic capacity as well, C) compared to low-intensity, steady state cardio, it’s far superior from a body composition standpoint, and D) the likelihood that they’ll hurt themselves is fairly low (unless THIS guy is in your class).

Long story short, I had a great time – even though I’m fairly certain I’ll never be able to have kids now. Jesus, those seats are uncomfotable! It was an ass-kicker for sure, and it was great to see Lisa in action doing something that she really enjoys doing. Moreover, it didn’t hurt that she played a bunch of techno, too.

To that end, I’m off to Upstate NY for my brother’s wedding this weekend, and off to Puerto Rico next week for a much needed vacation. I’ll still have some content up on the blog next week (albeit only 2-3 days worth), so be sure to check in while I’m gone.

I’m out!

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