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1. Not to rub it in or anything, but as of tomorrow afternoon this is where I’ll be for the next five days, and you’re not:

The El San Juan Hotel – the hotel we’re staying at in Puerto Rico

Culebra Island – the place we’re going for one of our day trips

Needless to say, I’m pretty stoked about my first vacation in over two years. Actually this will be my first trip off the continent – sad, I know. I’m still trying to go through my list to make sure that I don’t forget anything:

– iPod? Check

– Beach reads? Check. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I can’t put the book down!), and Unbreakable, which is Keith Scott’s fantastic manual on assessment and corrective exercise that I’m just now diving into ( I need something geeky to read while I’m down there).

– Clean underwear (for both the trip and the plane ride down)? Check.

– Coloring books? Check

– SPF 1,000,000? Check

– Grass fed beef jerky that I bought at a local farmer’s market while home in NY over the weekend? Check

2. I can’t remember the last time I took an entire week off from training. I’m seriously contemplating only taking my foam roller down with me, and just rolling on that every day, and not even touching a dumbbell. I’m willing to bet that if I did that, I’d come back and crush a 585 deadlift. I’m sure I’ll get the itch to lift something heavy while I’m down there, but at the very least, I can head down onto the beach and do some body weight stuff, as well as do some light sprint work.

Furthermore, since I’m on the topic, I’m going to be doing another de-load of sorts……from Spike! A week away from Spike will be a great thing. But only because when I come back, the first sip I have will be like drinking the sweet nectar of the gods. When it hits your lips…………..

3. Um, yeah….did anyone else catch the series finale of Lost last night? WTFJUSTHAPPENEDAHHHHHHH.

SPOILER ALERT (in case you haven’t watched it yet): DO NOT READ PAST THIS POINT, SERIOUSLY

So, was the island, in fact, Purgatory? I was a little confused at the end. Are we to suspect that everything DID happen, but that the island was some sort of “place” the survivors made-up for when all of them eventually did die? Please, enlighten me. I’d like to think that I didn’t waste the last seven years of my life for nothing. END OF SPOILER ALERT.

4. A few weeks ago, I asked you, my loyal readers, to recommend a wedding song for my mom to dance to with my brother for the mother-son dance. She had a lot of great suggestions and ended up picking “And Then They Do” by Trace Adkins. Congrats goes out to Andy for the awesome suggestion! I’ll send out a CP shirt once I’m back next week.

5. Speaking of my brother’s wedding. Wow, what an awesome weekend. It was great to leave the hustle and bustle of the city, and go back to my roots for the weekend. My girlfriend and I made the five hour trip Friday afternoon, and spent the entire weekend eating dead animal flesh and listening to music about beer guts and pick-up trucks (not kidding). What’s more, once she saw that there was a John Deere tractor involved, Lisa HAD to get a picture taken.

To that end, that’s all I have for today. I really need to finish up packing. Be sure to check back during the week as I’ll still have some content up on the site in my absence. Thanks for reading and for all the support! Please send me some well wishes, cause I really, really, really, really hate flying.

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