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It All Starts in the Kitchen Part II

Pigging back on yesterday’s blog post, I wanted to take today to discuss some of the other things you’ll need to be successful in the kitchen. Of course, step #1 is making sure you have the right food available in the first place, which, as you recall, is exactly what I discussed yesterday. While I… Read more

It All Starts in the Kitchen

Lets play a game. Walk into your kitchen and open up the cupboards. What do you see? Chances are they’re full of things like Cheetos, bagels, Wheat Thins, 100 calorie snack packs, or any number of highly processed, minimally nutritious foods. Now, open up your fridge. What do you see? Again, if I were a… Read more

Video Blogs

1)In an effort to impress upon people the need to have an assessment done–or purchase Assess & Correct–why not show some common dysfunctions and one or two ways of correcting them. 2)More DB rowing videos, especially head-supported and chest-supported. 3)I know you covered the box squat, but I’d love to see a video of the… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work

Here are a few things to read to keep you occupied for the next 20 minutes. Did you hand in that TPS report? Ask Yourself 4 Questions – Ryan Andrews Here’s a simple -albeit easily applicable – article answering a not so simple question: What in the heck do I eat? Personally I think it’s… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work 4-29-10

Here’s some stuff to check out while you’re in between rounds of solitaire/minesweeper/or whatever it is you’re doing that will inevitably get you fired. Does Reaching Behind the Back Reflect the Actual Internal Rotation of the Shoulder? – Mike Reinold I’ve pointed many people to Mike’s blog in the past few months, and with good… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday 5-10-10

1. Someone needs to give this man a contract, pronto! Two things: – We could easily add 8 MPH on his fastball in one off-season at CP. – I can’t say for sure what this whole stunt was about, but If Will Ferrell is thinking about making this “character” into a movie, it better not… Read more


From the Huffington Post: Long story short, worst trainer ever, Mephistopheles Tracy Anderson apparently has put Jennifer Aniston on some sort of diet where she eats only 14 servings of baby food per day, followed by a “healthy adult dinner.” In her words, Dimwit McGee states: I developed a cleanse where you can still eat… Read more

The Missing Link

It’s no secret that we like to do what’s easy and what we’re good at – particularly when it comes to our time in the gym. Walk into any commercial gym on any given day, and you’ll inevitably find people doing any number of the following: Dudes = bench pressing, shrugs, leg presses, leg curls,… Read more