Foam Rolling Is Sexy

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What’s up bro.. bought a foam roller the other day and am having it shipped. If you get a chance or have any instructional video on how to exactly use it, that will be helpful. I found a few things on the internet but mostly geared to pilates type work. Anyways, thanks for the workout tips you sent me last week. I’ve been training at the gym here in Kuwait and things have been going well. Haven’t lost any weight as of yet, but have made improvements with my strength. Talk soon.

This was an e-mail I received the other day from my buddy who’s stationed in Kuwait for the next year. All I have to say is that he has balls of steel for doing what he’s doing, and is the epitome of bad-ass. I mean, granted, my “badassness” is unprecedented given the fact that I’m posting a video of what can only be described as me impregnating a foam roller. Watch and learn, fellas.

EDIT: on a serious note, this video was taken last summer and shows you what our general foam rolling series looks like at CP. Typically you will want to spend roughly 20-30 seconds on each “area,” and obviously do both sides.

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