Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work

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Here are a few things to read to keep you occupied for the next 20 minutes. Did you hand in that TPS report?

Ask Yourself 4 Questions – Ryan Andrews

Here’s a simple -albeit easily applicable – article answering a not so simple question:

What in the heck do I eat?

Personally I think it’s an easy answer (eat REAL food), but unfortunately, as is the case with most things, most people suffer from paralysis by analysis. As I stated last week, we’re inundated with hundreds of different diet books which seemingly do nothing but contradict one another. That being the case, we also have to take into consideration people’s likes/dislikes/goals/needs/values/etc. Here, Ryan gives us a practical approach to weeding through the nonsense.

The Grain Debate – Nia Shanks

Here’s a nice post by Nia which I participated in.

Evolution Revolution: My Manifesto – Martin Rooney

One of the more interesting articles I’ve read recently on the current state of the human race (with regards to performance, health, etc). Currently, on average, this generation’s children has a lifespan that is less than their parents. Why? It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that we’ve “de-volved” into a bunch of Playstation playin, carb-lovin, American Idol watchin wussies is it?

Here’s an unrelated example that’s a little off-topic, but it’s my blog so I’m going to write it anyways.

Two weeks ago we had a major water-main break in the Boston area; effectively shutting off the “clean” water supply to roughly two million people in the greater Boston area (including the city itself).

As a result, the authorities placed a “boil water order” up immediately, recommending that people boil any water they were going to use for drinking purposes, as well as for things like brushing their teeth and/or washing dishes. A pain in the ass for sure, but an inconvenience worth tolerating when you consider the alternative was pissing ebola out of your ass for a few days.

Not surprisingly, there was a wide spread panic as people rushed to the local grocery stores to stock up on bottled water. While watching the local news channels and listening to talk radio over the next day or so, I chuckled as people recounted stories of others literally fighting over water. Old ladies coming to blows over grape flavored Aquafina? Oh my!

Too, the National Guard was called in to distribute FREE water to local citizens. The funny thing, though, is that people waited in line for upwards of three hours to get their FREE government water. Again, as the local media interviewed people, you could sense their frustration and panic. One lady in particular, recounted her story where she traveled ten minutes to the next town over, only to be denied her FREE water because she wasn’t in fact, a resident of that town.

This is America, what do you mean I can’t have water!?!?!?!?!?! What am I supposed to do in the meantime!?!?!?!?!

Um, how about you turn your stove on, pour some water into a pot and bring to a full boil for 1 minute. Done. Now, was that so hard?

Thankfully, the water-main break wasn’t that serious, and only took a total of two days to repair. Nevertheless it was quite telling to see how people reacted to it, and just goes to show just how wimpy we are compared to our ancestors.

Neurologic vs. Physiologic Stiffness – Bill Hartman

Bill just cracked open an egg, and dropped a knowledge bomb all over our asses.

UPDATE: I’m thinking about adding some video content to the blog in the form of exercise descriptions, assessment, programming strategies, or I don’t know, a tutorial on how to do the perfect robot on the dance floor. The point is, I’d be interested in any suggestions you guys feel would be good topics to cover. I’d really appreciate it.

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