Q & A: Eating While on Vacation

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The following is a question I had from a client the other week.

Q: So, I’m headed to Cancun for vacation, food is all inclusive so I will be eating so much dead animal meat you would even be proud and I will go easy on the drinking. Any suggestions on what to do as far as diet while on vacation? What did you do in Puerto Rico? Did you take your supplements?

A: Dude, you’re going on vacation. An all inclusive vacation at that – don’t be an a-hole. Have fun. At the same time, however, this doesn’t mean you have free reign to eat and drink all you want, ALL the time. Why spend all those weeks getting into peak shape for vacation, only to see the fruits of your labor go down the drain in a matter of a week? And for what? All-you-can-eat nachos?????

I’m not saying you have to deprive yourself (again, you ARE on vacation), and lets be honest, one week of letting loose (probably) isn’t going to be the end of the world – but that certainly doesn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt to do a little “damage control” while you’re down there.

That said, when we went to Puerto Rico a few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I made it a point to check out where the nearest grocery store was (five minute walk away, SCORE!!!) and then made arrangements to have an extra fridge put in our room. As soon as we got to our hotel, we un-packed and immediately headed over to the store to stock up on some staples – fresh fruit, veggies, oatmeal, almond milk, hummus, beef jerky, mixed nuts, etc. Here’s a pic I took from our hotel room:

Yes, that’s a bottle of rum on the counter. Yes, I had my first drink (or two) in like ten years while I was down there. And yes, I think I ended up making out with the hair dryer as a result. Honest mistake.

In any case, by doing just a little prep work, we didn’t have to spend an inordinate amount of money buying expensive meals every time we wanted to eat. Sorry, I’m not paying $16 for a sandwich. What’s more, from an ingredients standpoint, we weren’t thrown any curve-balls and knew exactly what we were eating. Of course, you won’t have to worry about that since all your food is paid for – but it stands to reason that they’ll have plenty of healthy options for you to choose from.

All in all, after we hit the gym the morning we’d eat breakfast in our room and then pack a cooler to bring along with us to the pool. At night, though, we’d hit off some of the nearby restaurants and try the local cuisine. Dessert included. The way I saw it, I wasn’t about to be a Johnny Raincloud and not enjoy myself and live life a little while down there.

As far as supplements, I did bring some on the trip. I brought fish oil, protein powder, and a probiotic. That’s it.

All in all, to reiterate, you’re going on vacation – enjoy it for peets sake! But if you’re looking for a little advice on how to keep it somewhat “clean,” then I think the points given above would be a great starting point. If anyone else has any other suggestions, feel free to leave them below in the comments section.

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