The Best Email I’ve Ever Gotten, Not Counting the One Alicia Keys Hasn’t Sent Me Yet

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Kind of short on time this morning, so rather than not write anything – I decided I’d share a quick email I received from one of my distance coaching clients over the weekend. We’ve been working together for a little over a month now, and he’s a great kid. He’s highly motivated, and just wants to learn more in the hopes of sometime down the road working in the industry himself. Well that, and he wants to make girls want to hang out with him more.

Anyways, I generally ask that clients send me weekly updates in case I need to tweak things here and there. Or, sometimes, they just write me to vent or to relay a funny gym story. Like this:

Thought you might like this…So I needed the cable machine at the gym this morning, but idiot trainer and his dumb-ass client used the thing for half an hour doing tricep kickbacks (just beautiful form of course). In frustration I farted on em and went on to destroy my hip flexors.

That is all

You know how whenever someone reads something funny they always say, “OMG, I totally just spit my diet Coke/coffee/heart medication all over my computer screen!” ? Well, replace diet Coke (or whatever) with protein shake, and you’ve got my exact reaction Saturday morning. Priceless.

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