I Hate Apartment Hunting: Don’t Worry There’s Actually Something Fitness Related In This Post

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Holy mother of god, it’s hot as balls outside. I think it hit 100 degrees here in the Boston area today. And, as luck would have it, I picked the hottest day out of the year to go apartment searching.

NOTE: Does anyone else find it painfully uncomfortable when, despite the fact your realtor said you’d be stopping by at 4 o’clock to scope the place out, you arrive to check out someone’s apartment, and it’s blatantly obvious they weren’t expecting anyone to show up? What’s more, you know that they know you’re judging them?

Wait, what was that? Naw, no worries – I can barely smell the cat piss on the walls.

Nevertheless, the search is on yet again. I’ve moved every year for the past six years, and I’m hoping that this next one will last me a while. For the record, if anyone happens to be renting an apartment (or knows of anyone renting), in the Somerville/Brookline area let me know. My only requirements are as follows:

– A parking spot for my tank.

– I can use my chainsaw whenever I want, even if it’s just to cut my toast.

– Toilet seat must be custom made with a gold plated finish.

– Pets must be allowed. Including, but not limited to, dogs, panthers, komodo dragons, and sharks with lasers on their heads.

– heat and hot water included.

On that note I need to get back on Craigslist and continue my search. In the meantime, however, I just wanted to share an interview I did for Bret Contreras over at his site last week. Bret was gracious enough to take part in an interview on my site not too long ago (you can check out both parts here and here), and I was more than happy to reciprocate the sentiment when he asked me to do the same. Check it out HERE. It’s pretty awesome.

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