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Alright, I want to apologize in advance for the less than great content that’s been posted recently. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s been complete foo-foo nonsense, it’s been close. I promise, with chocolate covered cherries on top, that once I get this apartment situation is settled, I’ll be back on track providing awesome content with an occasional picture of Alyssa Milano.

Thanks for understanding/kill me now.

That said, I had to share a quick story. I left CP a little early yesterday because myself, Eric, and Pete (along with our significant others) had dinner plans in the North End at 7 PM to celebrate our 3-Year Anniversary of pissing excellence. As such, I had to run a few errands beforehand, one of which entailed me stopping by the bank, as well as the grocery store.

There’s a bank and a Whole Foods within the same parking lot on the way home, so I figured I’d kill two bird with one stone and park at the bank and walk over to the store – roughly 50 yards away.

I walk into the bank to use the ATM, but had to wait a few minutes to wait for this older gentleman to complete his transaction. Easy peezy. He leaves, and it takes me, I don’t know, 57 seconds to do what I have to do (again, mind out of the gutter people). I leave the bank and start walking over to the Whole Foods, which as I mentioned before, is no more than half a football field away.

Wouldn’t you know it, guess who I see parking his car? Yep, the same man whom I saw no more than two minutes prior in the bank. The guy literally got back into his car in order to drive a few hundred feet. Wow.

Later on, I inadvertently crossed paths with him in the store and watched as he ordered a few slices of pizza with a side of heart attack.

It brought to light a lot of what’s said in THIS article, which was forwarded to me from a reader of my blog (thanks Chris!). Namely just how god-awful lazy we’ve become. And, more importantly, the fact that we get very little exercise outside of the time we spend in the gym. Sure, you head to the gym 3-4 times per week, and that’s definitely better than nothing. But when that’s your only form of exercise on any given week, is it any wonder why you haven’t lost those last 20 pounds, have chronic back pain, feel fatigued all…..the……time, and have the mobility of a pregnant whale?

I get it, we’re all busy. But would it kill you to take the stairs from time to time? Personally, I refuse to take escalators, and take the stairs whenever possible. How about turning off the television and going for a walk? As an example, last weekend my girlfriend and I wanted to go watch Toy Story 3 (yes I got teary eyed) in downtown Boston. We ended up walking 50 minutes to the theater and then back again. Of course, it helped that it was a beautiful day, but it was great to get outside and spend time together.

The point is, you don’t HAVE to be in a gym in order to get some form of exercise in. MOVE….for the love of all that’s holy!

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