Toning Shoes Revisted

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Not long ago I wrote a blog outlining my thoughts on all those “toning shoes” that seem to be latest fitness craze that people are falling prey to.

The basic premise is this: spend anywhere from $100-$245 on a pair of shoes that, due to their unstable sole design, forces the wearer to struggle with finding her equilibrium and balance point, which then results in a butt that could crack walnuts. No gym required!

Of course, as with any other fitness fad, the truth isn’t quite so truthful, and I basically went all First Blood on their asses and cut their claims to shreds.

Fast forward to last week. I’m coaching the ladies in my women’s group when I notice something peculiar. Something odd. Nope, it wasn’t the the fact that I was actually engaged in conversation about pedicures (pedi’s as they’re often called) and gingerbread recipes – that’s actually par for the course. What can I say? I’m powerless when I’m surrounded by that much estrogen. No, instead, I notice that one of the ladies was wearing a pair of……a pair of……I can’t say it…………………………..Reebok Easy Tones!11!11!!

(cue dramatic chipmunk response)

All kidding aside, while a little piece of my soul died, I was still able to keep my composure and explain to Lisa #2 why I’m not such a huge fan of those shoes. And, as luck would have it, ACE (yep, that ACE) just released a fantastic article helping to dispel many of the same myths titled, Will Toning Shoes Really Give You a Better Body?**

Cliff Notes version:

1. No.

2. The claims that these shoes will help you burn more calories and “shape” your butt are unfounded, and suspect at best.

3. EMG analysis showed that there was no discernible difference in muscle activation (or exercise response) between “toning” shoes and regular shoes.

4. You’re an ass for spending that much money on a pair of shoes.

** Thanks to Bret Contreras for the link. And for being so brotastic.

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