Best. Ad. Campaign. EVER

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Back in 2005, Nike ran an unprecedented ad campaign demonstrating to the world that it’s A-okay to have a badonkadonk; and, what’s more, anyone who happened to disagree, should kiss said badonkadonk. I thought it was brilliant, and exactly the type of message that women need to hear and see.

Well, it’s back – bigger and better than ever. Just this week, Nike released their 2010 version, and it’s freakin glorious.

I’m not gonna call this the best ad campaign ever, but it pretty much is. Whoever walked into Nike headquarters and pitched this idea needs to be handed a Medal of Honor or something. Whoever he or she is, they’re an American hero. At a time when women are constantly told by mainstream media and douchehole celebrity trainers that lifting anything heavier than three lbs will turn them into Chewbacca, and that eating celery sticks is a treat, this is definitely a breath of fresh air. I mean, I’m so sick and tired of seeing models with no ass, no muscle, and no shape being touted as the ideal “look” for women to aspire for. Why not just get a 2×4 and put a dress on it?

Nevertheless, kudos to Nike for an awesome job. Here’s hoping that it catches on……..

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