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Why hello everyone! Did you miss me? As many of you know (at least for those who live in the United States anyways), we had an extended Labor Day weekend this past weekend, and as it were, I had a rare two days in a row off. With that, I decided to take a slight hiatus from blogging as well and just spent my free time chilling with my girlfriend/making her watch all the Harry Potter movies. Totally not kidding.

Listen, no girlfriend of mine is going to go through life Harry Potterless. I can concede her not reading the books (she’s in the process of getting her PhD, so time is kind of limited), but to not watch the movies? Lets just say that’s a slippery slope I don’t want to travel down. I mean come on – what’s next? Not making me meatloaf? Pfffffft, unacceptable; especially with the final two coming out within the next several months.

To that end, today I wanted to share with all of you an article that is featured in this month’s issue of Experience Life Magazine titled More of the Best Exercises (You’re Not Doing).

In it, author Andrew Heffernan asks myself, Alwyn Cosgrove, and Nick Tumminello to go into detail on some of our favorite exercises we feel give trainees the most bang for their training buck. Of course, some of you might already know all of them – but for many, I’m willing to bet they’ll provide a nice change of pace. Click HERE to continue reading.

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