Reader Poll: Could Singer Have Gotten This Lift?

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Throughout the years, there are many events and milestones that leave a lasting impression on a man’s life – a right of passage into manhood if you will. Including, but not limited to:

– Taking the training wheels off your bike for the first time.

– Watching Rocky beat the snot out of Drago, and effectively ending the Cold War to boot. Yay, USA.

– Going to your first professional baseball game.

– Realizing that Darth Vader is Luke’s father. Whoa

– And, of course, boobs

All, however, pale in comparison to when a man accomplishes what could be argued as the epicenter of man-ness……………………….the 300 lb bench press.

Truth be told, you could be a ninja, riding a BMX bike, while eating a bag of beef jerky, on your way home after bowling a perfect game, and that wouldn’t even scratch the surface as being as “manly” as hitting a 300 lb bench.

As it is, CP client “Singer,” has been on a mission to make 300 his beeotch. Each week for the past few weeks, he’s well, I’ll let the video speak for itself:

Very, very close to say the least. All I have to say is that at CP, we make guys earn their lifts. None of this “it’s all you, it’s all you” nonsense where the spotter essentially performs a max effort upright row. You’re either getting that shit up, or I’m making you do the longest mid-range isometric bench hold, like ever.

Needless to say, I made Matt work a little bit. Come hell or high water, if he was going to fail – he was going to do so going balls to the wall. To his credit, he does get some bonus points for wearing a sweet t-shirt, though.

Fast forward a week, and many repeat listens of “Danger Zone,” Matt walked in this past Wednesday ready to give it another shot. Similarly CP Vice President, Pete Dupuis – fresh from a small vacation down in Florida – knew Singer was going to be coming in that afternoon so he decided to jump in on the action. After hitting his 300 lb bench (which admittedly he’s done before), it was Matt’s turn (again):

Now this is where it gets dicey, and where I need your help. I think Pete screwed Matt and grabbed the bar too early. Sure, the bar was losing momentum and going back down ever so slightly, but I think Matt had a second push in him. What do you think? We’re split across the board here at CP.

I’m only looking out for my boy here. A little background to the story: We told Matt he couldn’t shave until he hit his 300 lb bench. What’s more, we revoked his man-card until he’s triumphant. Thanks to Pete, people are going to mistake Matt for a Civil War mustache collector AND chicks aren’t going to want to hang out with him. Bummer.

So, am I right? Did Pete screw Matt out of awesomeness? Or, am I just clutchingat straws here?

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