Still Think Lifting Heavy Things Makes You Big and Bulky?

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A little back story. Four years ago, when I first moved to Boston, I got a job at a rather well known commercial gym right in heart of the city. Aside from the 30 minute T ride into work everyday (and the constant struggle to not want to pour battery acid into my eyes every time I saw another trainer have his or her client squat on a BOSU ball), all in all, it was a great place to work. I mean, I got to work with a wide variety of people, was able to make up my own schedule which allowed me the freedom to do some writing on the side, and, relatively speaking, was making some decent bank.

As it was, the general structure went like this: new members who joined the club automatically got two free-sessions with a “private trainer,” that they could use at any time within the first couple of months. Using some advanced algorithm designed by NASA (read: rock, paper, scissors), the fitness manager would “match” new members with a trainer based off their background and goals. Once the contact information was given, it was up to the trainer to call the member and try to set up a time for their initial evaluation.

Enter Natalie. As I remember it, Natalie was a young, vibrant, educated female who, for lack of a better term, just didn’t get it. When we first met, she explained to me how she liked to live an active lifestyle and that she was looking to firm up a bit. Natalie was by no means fat, just, I don’t know, soft (I guess is the best term to use here?). Suffice it to say, almost on cue, when I uttered the words “strength training,” she immediately balked, and said, “um, yeah, about that, I don’t want to get big and bulky.”

(Cue theme music from Jaws)

After two sessions, and what seemingly was great trainer/client rapport (whoa, Peregrin Took is YOUR favorite Hobbit, too?), Natalie was back on the treadmill two days later, and we never spoke again while I was there. Bitch.

NOTE: I mean that in a figurative sense, of course. Natalie is by no means a bitch in the truer sense of the word. Unless she misses a lift.

Fast forward a year later (summer of ’08), I get an email from this girl who mentioned that she read a few of my articles and also read my blog regularly – which as some of may know had its roots at the Boston Herald website. She wanted to come out to the facility to check it out and see if it would be a good fit for her.

Low and behold, it was the same Natalie who, not long before, had totally “big leagued” me. Coincidentally, when I left the swanky sports club, she ended up training with someone else who did an amazing job helping her see the light, which among other things, entailed getting the f*** off the treadmill.

To her (and her trainer’s) credit, she looked great, but was looking for a place to take her fitness to another level. I pointed out the fact that we had met a year prior, and that she totally disregarded everything I said. Needless to say, we had a good laugh about it, and her “bitch” status was revoked.

Today, she’s in the best shape of her life – banging out pull-ups on a thick rope like it’s nothing.

I’m not sharing this story to blow sunshine up my own ass (okay, maybe a little). Rather, I’m merely pointing out that Natalie is living proof that lifting heavy things, while not a stand-alone principle, is an important spoke in the wheel. Put another way, ladies: YOU WILL NOT GET BIG AND BULKY!!!!! Jesus you’re freakin gym bag weighs more than that pink dumbbell you’re using.

I’m sure Natalie will chime in within ten minutes of me posting this blog, but I think it’s fair to say that she’s not only stronger than she’s ever been, but leaner than she’s ever been, too. Furthermore, she hasn’t been on a treadmill in years! I win!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say many of the principles that are featured in Show and Go are exactly those that Natalie does on a weekly basis at Cressey Performance. In a word, women can use this program too, and get awesome results.

Act quickly, though, because the introductory price ends TONIGHT at midnight, and the 40% off special will end. With the money you save, you could go see The Town like four times!

=====> Show and Go <=====

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