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Just wanted to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who chimed in yesterday on whether I should buy a Mac or a PC. I’m still up in the air on what I’m going to do, but needless to say this isn’t something I’m just going to jump into without being a well informed consumer. The Mac people made their case, as did the PC people. I guess, in the end, it just comes down to buying the right one to fit my needs. For my own edification, let me see if I get this right –

If I just need something to check email, write my blog/articles, as well as download and send exercise videos to clients, I should lean more towards a PC.

If I want to look cool and/or plug into the Matrix to practice my kung-fu, the Mac is the way to go?

Limiting Factors – this is one that I wrote a few years ago that was probably one of my favorite to work on. People like to make excuses, and I really, really, really, really like calling them out on it.

Your Q’s: “Barefoot” Shoes, Lean Muscle and More – Jen Sinkler

My pal Jen Sinker has a great Q and A column over at Experience Life Magazine, and in this month’s segment she asked me my thoughts on the whole “long and lean” muscles myth.

Told to Eat Its Vegetables, America Orders Fries – Kim Severson (NY Times)

I love the part where various people mention they “fear vegetables.” Part of me wants to projectile head-butt them in the face and tell them to suck it up; if you don’t know what to eat or how to prepare it, learn. It’s not that hard. On the other hand, however, I can’t say that I blame them.

We’ve been conditioned to “hide” our veggies, or, put another way, to think they don’t taste good. Just watch (as a commenter posted in the original text) any old-school V8 or Chef Boyardee ad where it shows adults and kids spitting out their veggies into a napkin. What’s more, people generally don’t like being told what to do, let alone told what they can or cannot eat. Compound that with the fact that pretty much everyone is exhausted, stressed, and over-exposed to fast food ads, and it’s no wonder we tend to gravitate towards what’s easy and convenient.

Then again, it’s not like this is rocket science, and I just feel that people need to take a little more accountability for themselves. It’s funny how no one has the time to cook “real” food or prepare their meals for the following day, yet manage to make the time to spend, on average, 4-6 hours (outside of work) in front of a screen; whether it’s browsing the interwebz or watching television. Funny how that works.

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