Deadlifting Shenanigans

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With the majority of your pro-baseball guys back in the swing of the things (ha, no pun intended), the entertainment value at the facility is never lacking to say the least. Below is a video taken a few days ago demonstrating Kansas City Royals prospect Matt Morizio’s unique way of solving the whole “bar rubs up against my shin” dilemma while SUMO deadlifting. Thank you, Dragon (aka: Atlanta Braves prospect, Chad Rodgers, for the hilarious commentary).

UPDATE: in case you forgot to have your bowl of sarcasm flakes this morning, the above video is in no way to be taken seriously. Cressey Performance in no way would ever disrespect penguins like that.

What can be taken seriously, however, is this video of Lincoln-Sudbury sophomore pitcher, Becca Ryan, hitting a trap bar PR of 255 lbs and dominating it.

I cut the video short, but afterwards Becca was all smiles and giggly and undoubtedly was pumped that she hit a PR (and an impressive one at that given she started at 115 lbs when she first started). I quickly reminded her that there is no smiling allowed at CP and aptly told her to go kick a kitten in the face to make up for it. That’ll teach her to get some attitude.

Okay, okay, I never did anything of the sorts – but needless to say she definitely holds her own while training around all the pro guys. Nice work Becca! 300 is right around the corner.

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