Excelling at the Big Lifts

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TG Note: My head feels like it got hit by a mack truck today, and I’ve made the executive decision to take the day off from work. Well, truth be told, “taking the day off from work” just really means I won’t be at the facility today in person. Instead, I’ll be spending today catching up on plenty of other things to keep myself occupied – programs to write, emails to answer, an apartment to clean, and a few episodes of Fringe to watch.

Nonetheless, as luck would have it, I had a new article go up on t-nation.com today titled Excelling at the Big Lifts which saves me a little time trying to come up with some blog content today. Let me know what you think!

Part of my job as a strength coach is to not only help you get bigger, faster, and/or stronger, but with any luck, make someone of the opposite sex want to get naked in front of you — preferably on more than one occasion.

Moreover, another integral role of being a strength coach is being able to take complex topics and ideas, and dumb them down in a way that clients can easily understand and implement into their daily routine.

This can be anything, from helping the 140-pound college kid realize that following a body-part split which has him performing 18 different variations of biceps curls in one training session probably isn’t the best approach to adding appreciable size, to explaining to someone that their chronic anterior knee pain is more than likely the culprit of their weak hip stabilizers, and not their VMO (Note: your physical therapist sucks).

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