Morning Cup of Vomiting in My Mouth

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It’s been a while since I’ve done one these, and while I usually reserve these types of posts for something that came out of Tracy Anderson’s mouth or anything to do with The Biggest Loser, today’s installment might be the grand daddy of them all.

Admittedly, I’m not a Facebook whore. Sure, I log on once or twice (or ten times) per day to see what my friends/family/colleagues/Alicia Keys are doing, to say something unbelievably witty, or to link to a new article or blog post that I put up. But comparatively speaking, I’m not on it nearly as much as most people.

That being the case, yesterday, I logged on at some random point during the day and couldn’t help but notice an item on my News Feed from one of my “friends” (I have no idea who this person is) promoting a weekend course they’re offering to people who want to learn to a become a coach/personal trainer. Like a moth to a flame, I clicked on the link and immediately had to resist the urge to throw my face into an ax.

Really, this is what the industry has turned into?

For a mere initial payment of $39.99, you too, can become the coach you’ve always wanted to be.

What a bunch of garbage. I’m willing to bet that a ham sandwich is a better “coach” than this person will ever be. What’s more, after perusing the site a bit further, what this person was actually selling was a “system” that you could sell to other individuals that would make them equally awesome. The kicker: this person had to go out of their way to say that “this is NOT a pyramid scheme.” Sorry, but if you actually have say it isn’t a pyramid scheme, it IS a pyramid scheme. Pot meet kettle.

Call me crazy, but I’ve always been under the assumption that in order to get good at anything you actually have to, you know, do it. We don’t see lawyers, physicians, and rocket scientists walking around bragging that they took some weekend course do we? While I realize that’s an extreme example, I just find it pretty infuriating that there are fitness professionals (and I use that term lightly) out there willing to dumb our profession down like that. Do any of you have the same thoughts? Have any similar stories to share?

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