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As most of you who didn’t go to work yesterday might have noticed, I took the day off from blogging because I figured that with it being a holiday and all (Happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving Day!!!!!!!), rather than perusing the interwebz, most of you would be at home spending quality time with their family or doing what I did and volunteering their free time reading poetry to orphaned burn victims working.

In all actuality, I’m still feeling a little under the weather from the cold I picked up last week, and I was purely being lazy. Besides, my girlfriend and I had a nice little Sunday – grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, walking around the city doing a little window shopping, watching her get a pedicure, and then making a pit-stop stop at Home Depot to return my man card – and I just wasn’t “feeling” the whole blog thing come Monday morning. Call it a case of “the Mondays” if you will.

No worries, though. For starters, a) Minka Kelly was just named Esquire Magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive***, which is a fool proof reason to post a random picture of her:

and b) I took a little vitamin awesome this morning and am feeling much better. Time get back on my blogging high horse.

Best Assistance Exercises for the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift – Bret Contreras

A few weeks ago Bret contacted me and asked whether or not I’d be willing to contribute to an article he was working on. Linked above is said article. Bret has quickly grown to be one my most favorite people I have yet to meet in person, and my man-crush on him grows each day that passes by. I’m pretty sure that if he and I were to ever meet, we’d totally have our Schwarzenegger-Weathers, “Dillion, you son-of-a-bitch” Predator moment.

The Lat Pulldown: How To Maximize Latissimus Activity – Mike Reinold

Ever wonder which grip hits the lats harder? Yeah, me neither. Does grip width matter? More importantly, are you even performing the exercise correctly? Mike gives some great insight in this blog post.

And, on a completely non-fitness related note, my girlfriend and I went and saw The Social Network over the weekend, and I thought it was superb on every level. I’m a huge fan of the director, David Fincher (Seven, Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), and Aaron Sorkin (of West Wing fame) who wrote the screenplay. Looking past the fact that they took more than a few liberties with the actual story, and speaking purely from a “was this a good movie?” standpoint, I thought everything was amazing from the acting, to the dialogue, to the music (props to Trent Reznor there).

That said, one of my closest friends is really good friends with one of the higher-ups of Facebook, and needless to say, he’s been more than forthcoming in terms of shedding some light on his thoughs pertaining to the accuracy of the movie itself. As alluded to above, it’s no secret that the film makers went out of their way to show Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, as a douchebag to the douchiest degree.

Which, in the grand scheme of things, is unfortunate given that many people out there think that everything they see in a movie must be true.

Sorry if I just rocked the world of anyone out there who really thought the baby in Look Who’s Talking was actually talking.

To that end, check out THIS article which goes into a little more detail on what actually went down. There’s always two sides to a story.

***Coincidentally, Derek Jeter (Minka’s boyfriend) was named by as it’s top choice for the prestigious “Guy I HateMost Because I’m Not Him” award. Congrats Derek!

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