Bromance Alert: Dean Somerset

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In keeping with the War and Peace sized blog posts this week, I wanted to share an interview I did with fellow strength coach Dean Somerset recently. Not many people know who Dean is – and truth be told, up until a few weeks ago I didn’t either.

Long story short, I watched his presentation on Muscle Imbalances Revealed and thought it was fantastic. Soon thereafter he contacted me to see whether or not I’d be interested in doing an interview for his website. I said “sure,” and he said “awesome,” we both gave each other an internet high-five, and what you’re seeing now is a bromance evolving right before you eyes.

Trust me, Dean is one smart dude. Unlike some fitness professionals out there, he’s “in it,” working with a wide variety of clientele everyday, and seeing amazing results. I encourage you to read the interview, of course. But I also encourage you to check out his site as well. As someone who can appreciate informative AND entertaining writing, I think many of you will appreciate his approach.

Let me know what you think!

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