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Hey there Tony

I stumbled across your site, TonyGentilcore.com by a fluke the other night and the stuff about women lifting weights really got my attention. I continued to read and found the videos of the young bride to be, lifting weights and was amazed! I just started going to the gym myself after years of no exercise, thyroid issue and bad eating habits. I realized it was time to take back control because I’m not comfortable in my own skin anymore, thus not happy. I’m going to be looking for the books you mentioned/recommend on weight lifting for women.

I also want to ask you, if you’re able to answer this question for me, what would you recommend for an older woman in her mid 50’s (my mother) with some health concerns? Her doctors are saying she needs to lose weight but needs to start off slow and easy. Any tips basically? Perhaps something she could run by her doctors too just to be safe.

Much appreciated and SUPER glad I found your website. I love the straight forward, tell it like it is attitude! 😀

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