Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Novembeard, Sucker Punch, and Future Video Content

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Going to keep it short and sweet today, and give you arguably the most miscellaneous of miscellaneous Mondays yet. Brace yourselves.

1. No Shave November has officially started. The premise is pretty simple: Take the entire month of November and don’t shave. It’s a tradition that started last year at the facility and there’s really no other way to explain it other than to say that when it comes to male bonding, guys are stupid. How else to explain NASCAR? Or this, for that matter,

In any case, everything has been going swimmingly well thus far. But given the fact that my girlfriend has been throwing eye daggers my way for the past week, Novembeard (as it’s now being called) might have to be shortened to “Novembeard Until November 19th Because If I Show Up To My Girlfriend’s B-Day Party With a Beard, Unpleasant Things Will Happen.”

2. I know I’ve mentioned the product in passing a number of times within the past few weeks, but Rick Kaselj is re-releasing an improved and revamped version of Muscle Imbalances Revealed this week.

The 2.0 version contains all the great material from the original, like:

Addressing and Identifying Muscular Imbalances in the Hip and Pelvis – Mike Robertson

Mobility and Muscle Imbalances – Bill Hartman

Maximizing Strength and Stability of the Knee – Rick Kaselj

Strength Training Low Back Injuries with Myofascial Sling Systems – Dean Somerset

But it also includes a ton of new stuff that I think many of you will find valuable as well – particularly if you’re a fitness professional looking to separate yourself from the masses. This week only, Rick is providing some pretty sweet deals, so definitely take advantage while you can.

3. Um, if this trailer doesn’t make you destroy the back of your pants, I don’t know what will.

For those not in the know, the director, Zach Snyder, is the same guy who did 300 and Watchmen. He’s also teaming up with Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) to re-vamp the Superman franchise. That, my friends, is going to be EPIC!

4. Okay, here’s the deal. CP nutritionist and resident massage therapist, Chris Howard, mentioned in passing the other day that he’s going to be buying a new car in the near future. He’s leaning towards a Honda Civic. Now, the question then becomes – should he buy used or new? I think he’d be remiss not to buy used, but he seems adamant in buying a brand, spankin new one. I know I have a lot of bright and intelligent people who read this blog, so any words of insight would be great.

5. Kevin? Kevin Larrabee?????

6. So I’m thinking about adding some more video content to the blog in the future. This could be anything from me demonstrating more “Exercises You Should Be Doing” to more tutorial/coaching videos (how not to suck at squatting, for example). Just out of curiosity, what do you guys want to see?

*fingers crossed that Jessica Alba reads this blog*

7. New article just went up today on t-nation titled 3-Total Body Programs for Big Arms that myself, Bret Contreras, and Brad Shoenfeld worked on. It’s pretty awesome.

That’s it for today. Seriously, I’m right that buying used is the way to go, right? Right?

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