AMD 2.0 In Action

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Just wanted to share a few videos today:

1. With the up coming release of his new and improved Accelerated Muscular Development system (AMD 2.0) next week, Jim “Smitty” Smith released a video earlier the other day discussing the importance of following a proper warm-up. Without question it’s one of the aspects of program design that many brosephs haphazardly follow, if they even bother to do it at all.

Now, as I noted before, I’ve seen and read AMD 2.0 and it’s pretty badass. Smitty has gone out of his way to develop a solid product that I have no issues putting my stamp of approval on All the same, much like one would never just show up at a dealership and buy a car without first test driving it, Smitty has been kind enough to share a new video taking one of his athletes through an actual AMD 2.0 training session. <-------- CLICK ME After watching it myself, I already learned some sweet new mobility drills. I'm totally stealing that writing the alphabet with your hips drill. What's more, I have to give Smitty props for rocking my Alma mater's gear yet again - Cortland State in the hiz-zouse. In any case, if you're interested in seeing AMD 2.0 in action, and want to gain a better feel for what to expect, then I suggest clicking HERE.

2. In addition, if you want to get your world blown out of the water (like mine was this morning when I saw this on my Facebook wall) and immediately get swept back to 1993 when nothing mattered other than wiffle ball, the Bash Brothers, 90210, and Skin-a-Max, then watch this trailer for Beats, Rhymes, and Fights – which is a freakin documentary on my all-time favorite group, A Tribe Called Quest:

Ah, the memories. Doing bicep curls in front of the mirror while listening to Bonita Applebum. Going down to the park to shoot hoops while blaring The Low End Theory from my car stereo. And Nicole Kot completely circling not yes when I handed her a note asking whether or she’d go out with me. It’s okay, I’m totally over it. Bitch.

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