Demolition Day

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Well I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Kwanzakahmas; or, Merry Chrishanuza (depending on your degree of political correctness) this past weekend. I, for one, had an awesome Holiday spending time with my girlfriend – eating copious amounts of food that I should’t have been eating, spending time with friends, exchanging and opening presents, and just chillaxing in general.

As it so happened, instead of traveling to our respective hometowns for the Holiday, we both decided to stay in Boston for the weekend. And, as luck would have it, it worked out perfectly because it ended up being my girlfriend’s very first white Christmas (she’s originally from Florida); although, given that we’re currently in the midst of our first major winter storm of the season today, this might be her last.

That said, last week I mentioned how we were in the middle of going through some major renovations at the facility. To summarize, when all is said and done, we’ll be adding roughly 1000 additional square feet in the form of office space. As such, this means that all of our old offices had to be torn down so that we could use that same space as a new warm-up area.

As I noted the other day, I “thought” I took video of all of us taking a few hacks with the sledgehammer in an effort to lend a helping hand to the demolition crew. However, my camera was being an a-hole and when I went to download the video onto Youtube, it told me it needed to be reformatted and that there was no video to download.

Well, I don’t live on 34th Street, but a Christmas miracle happened nonetheless (yep, that was pretty much the worst line ever, but bear with me). I turned my camera on Christmas Eve to take some pictures of the tree, and somehow I was able to recover the video I took from the other day:

We spent the better part of Thursday making things look presentable for when clients showed up – the part you see Eric and I smashing is completely gone and is now the new warm-up/assessment area. So far, everyone is giving us a resounding “thumbs up” with all the new changes. While we still have a looooong ways to go, we’re pretty pumped about the upgrades:

– Brand new entrance. Pete now has a larger office which will now fit three times more minor league baseball players to hang out all day and keep him from doing his work.

– Eric now has his own office which will inevitably turn into something like this

– Chris Howard and myself will be sharing an techno room office

– In addition, we will now have a separate treatment room for massage therapy and soft tissue work (Active Release Therapy, Graston, etc).

– Still no hot-tub, though. Maybe next time.

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