Monthly Archives: December 2010

Next Time You Stub Your Toe and Decide to Skip a Training Session, Make Sure You Read This

Things have been kicking into high gear at CP, and for me personally as well. First off, we just signed a new three year lease and will be adding another 1000 sq. feet of additional space to the facility. As part of the expansion, we’ll be adding a ton of new office space (including a… Read more

AMD 2.0 In Action

Just wanted to share a few videos today: 1. With the up coming release of his new and improved Accelerated Muscular Development system (AMD 2.0) next week, Jim “Smitty” Smith released a video earlier the other day discussing the importance of following a proper warm-up. Without question it’s one of the aspects of program design… Read more

Eat More Kale

Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. Last weekend, as we were leaving the mall to head back to my parents house to devour round four of leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner, my girlfriend and I called my Mom to see if she needed us to pick anything up at the grocery store. Me: Mom, we’re about to… Read more