Monthly Archives: January 2011

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: NESN, Black Swan, and Light Sabers

Big (and early) day at Cressey Performance today: NESN (New England Sports Network) is coming in this morning with their cameras to film a story on how we train all of our pro-baseball guys. Should be pretty exciting and it’s going to be great exposure for us. As such, going to keep it brief today… Read more

Do You Really Have Tight Hamstrings?

Interestingly, many trainees and coaches make the mistake that squat depth is solely about tissue length. In essence the thought process is such that one generally assumes the reason why someone can’t get to depth is because of poor tissue length and quality. While true much of the time, on occasion, it’s a bit more… Read more

Form Nazi Etiquette

I had an interesting discussion with one of our new interns, Paul, the other day. As is stands, this is the first full week for our new interns, and to say that they were thrown into the gauntlet at the start of the week is an understatement. They went straight from orientation Monday morning, to… Read more

The Importance of Systems

Monday was a big day at Cressey Performance. On one hand, the new interns started which, among other things, included taking them through orientation and introducing myself and who’s going to clean up vomit from whenever one of the clients has Prowler Flu. Concurrently, we also had our busiest day ever, hitting the 100 session… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work

I know, I know, I’m being REALLY lame as of late with lack of content lately, but I promise things will kick into high gear in a few days when I’m caught up with all the extra things I need to catch up on. Incidentally, we had our busiest day ever at CP yesterday, hitting… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: GODDAMMIT, ERIC!!!11!1!

You know, everyone thinks that Eric Cressey is like sooooo smart and serious all the time, and that he’s this world renowned strength coach that people look up to and all that jazz. That is, of course, until I’m filming a video for an online client (and this blog) and he comes flying out of… Read more