Monthly Archives: July 2012

Have an Awesome 4th!

Do me a favor: 1.  Eat copious amounts of dead, furry animals. 2. Dominate some potato or macaroni salad. 3.  And more importantly, please, for the love god, don’t blow your hand off with an M-80. Note:  there’s a lot of poo-poo language in the video below, so you might want to grab your ear-muffs… Read more

A Discussion: Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

Today I’m throwing everyone a bit of a curve ball, and doing something a little differently compared to what I normally do. To be as succinct as possible, I had an interesting email exchange with one of my female clients last weekend about the difference between weight loss and fat loss, and I thought I’d… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: 7/2/12

1.  I woke up this morning and turned on SportsCenter to see that Cubs first basemen, Bryan LaHair, had been voted onto the 2012 MLB All-Star team.  After picking up the chunks of omelete that launched out of my mouth after seeing the graphic, I immediately got onto Twitter and Facebook to spread the word…. Read more