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The Truth About a Healthy Spine – Part II

Here is Part Two of Dr. Michael Stare’s guest post on spinal health from yesterday. Enjoy the weekend! In part one I focused on discussing the debate about bracing or hollowing the spine for optimal stability, and revealed evidence suggesting that focusing on just on muscle is a flawed method of improving stability and treating… Read more

The Truth About a Healthy Spine – Part I

Today’s guest post comes from physical therapist and strength coach Dr. Michael Stare.  Mike is wicked smart, wicked fit, and wicked good looking.  I hate him because I’m not him….;o) I’ve known Mike since I moved here to the Boston area in 2006 and have corresponded with him intermittently in that same time frame. I’m… Read more

The Sway Back Equation

I know what you’re thinking:  This is either the title of an archived Robert Ludlum novel or the name of an old-school hip-hop album. Both are wrong – but wouldn’t it be awesome if either of the two were true? As someone who’s read every Ludlum novel, I’d kill to have access to another one… Read more