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The Train to Be Awesome Guide

Anyone who’s read my blog for any length time knows that I’m fairly passionate about a number of things.  In no particular order (except for the first one) they consist of: 1.  BACON! 2.  Tiesto. 3.  Zombies. 4.  Watching zombies get pwned. 5.  LIfting heavy things (and more germane to today’s conversation – advocating that… Read more

2 Things to Check Out (3 If You Count the Picture of Me Guessing Poop)

I don’t mean to rub it in, but I had an awesome weekend this past weekend. While I know a lot of people don’t consider Columbus Day anything to celebrate, Lisa and I took full advantage of the national holiday, left Boston for what’s become our annual Autumnal Adventure, and headed up to Vermont to… Read more

Squat Assessment: Is It a Mobility or Stability Issue?

Assessing someone’s squat pattern offers a gulf of information – everything from any muscular imbalances or dysfunctions that may exist, to soft tissue restrictions, movement quality, and one’s overall general level of awesomeness. There are a few factors (and to a larger extent, progressions) that I use when I assess someone’s squat pattern, and it’s… Read more

The Secret to Training Gains: Less is More

It’s a tough sell for sure, and it’s borderline cliche to say, but the fact of the matter is:  when it comes to getting results in the gym, for 90% of people, 90% of the time – whether the goal is fat loss, hitting “x” number on the bench press, or I don’t know, trying… Read more

2 Minute Squat, and the Truth About Challenges

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Toronto based strength coach, Lee Boyce. I’ve always been a fan of Lee’s work and have often linked to his stuff on his own website as well as T-Nation. I had the opportunity of hanging out with Lee last year when I visited Toronto and he’s every… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Vega Sport, Cortland Symposium, and Gravity

1. When my girlfriend, Lisa, and I first started the dating, four years ago, I have to say my courting process was pretty on point. Sure, I paid for dinners, opened doors, was uncannily witty, and refrained from burping in front of her until at least a week in. But I like to think that… Read more

Simple Squat Fix: “Owning” Your Rib Position

While squatting is considered a standard human movement pattern, and something that everyone does everyday of their lives, there are a million and one things that can go awry when you place a barbell on someone’s back. In addition there’s no shortage of coaching cues which are tossed around, that it’s no wonder people are… Read more

The Myth of Female Specific Training

A few weeks ago at the Cressey Performance Fall Seminar I presented on the topic of female specific training with a presentation titled Training Jane From Joe:  Do Women Need to Train Differently Than Men? Stealing an awesome quote from my friend John Romaniello (and something I whole heartedly agree with): “We all have the… Read more