Monthly Archives: January 2014

One of the Best Pieces of Advice I Ever Received (at the Gym)

I think every guy (and maybe girls too, I’m not sure) who has ever stepped foot in a gym has that one memory of starting out and being lucky enough to be taken under the wing of someone else. Someone to show them the ropes, guide them, steer them away from the Smith machine.  Or,… Read more

How to Hip Hinge Like a Boss

Or, in other words:  Learn how to groove the hip hinge and then be able to train like a boss. Quick question/observation:  Have you ever wondered why, among other things – like why women tend to make that funny face when applying make-up –  when it comes to American cars, or “Western” cars, the driver’s… Read more

Happy 2014!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 2014!  The pic to the left is a photo that Lisa and I took roughly 17 seconds after the clock struck midnight last night. It would have been quicker, but we had to get our New Year’s kiss in ya know…..BOM CHICKA BOM BOM. Not to get all… Read more