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Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 12/4/15

A few housekeeping things to hit on before we dive into this week’s list. 1) A quick reminder that I will be in Frisco, TX on Sunday, December 27th doing a 1-day workshop on “The Athletic Shoulder” at Full Throttle Athletics. I’ll discuss things like upper extremity assessment (static and dynamic), why the term “shoulder… Read more

Why I Turned Down a Division I Scholarship

For those of you reading who’re familiar with the movie Napoleon Dynamite, today’s post will have a subtle Uncle Rico flavor to it. To help refresh people’s memory Uncle Rico was Napoleon’s estranged uncle who, outside of living in the most baller van ever, was obsessed with his glory days playing high-school football. According to… Read more

2 Squat Cues That Pretty Much Work For Everyone

I guess before we dive into the cues it may be cogent, first, to discuss what the squat is…especially for those reading who may be hearing/learning about this for the first time. Photo Credit: Laleh Haverim Squat – noun [skwot] 1) A weightlifting exercise in which a person squats and then returns to an erect… Read more