5 Reasons to Consider Purchasing The Complete Trainers’ Toolbox

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Admittedly I’m a bit biased since my name is attached to it, but The Complete Trainers’ Toolbox is the shit. Pulitzer Prize worthy in fact.

Okay, I’m really biased.

Here are FIVE quick-n-dirty reasons you should consider purchasing it.

1) I’m Awesome

Lets be real: You didn’t think I’d attach my name to something sub-par did you?

Pffffft, whatever.

I mean, this isn’t season two of Stranger Things or, I don’t know, whomever Carrie ended up dating after she broke up with Aidan.1

But just so that I don’t come across as a total pompous a-hole, every person involved with this project is an established fitness professional with years of experience under his or her’s belt.

In fact, I just counted all the years up and it comes to 1,000.2

Every…single…person has at least 10+ years experience in the health/fitness industry and with that, 10+ years of mistakes, successes, hindsight, things they’d do differently, things they’d do the same, not to mention an absurd number of protein shaker bottles left in their gym bag for a week too long.

The Toolbox came to fruition because we saw an opportunity to help other fitness professionals improve and grow their business; to tackle common industry pitfalls and traps, save time scouring the internet for answers, and foster a scenario where you build a successful career with integrity.

2) There’s a Little Something For Everyone

As can be expected with a resource such as this, The Toolbox goes into the weeds on topics such as program design, assessment, why Tony incessantly posts pictures of his cat online, and breaking down exercise technique.

Sam Spinelli’s presentation on “Everything Squats, Knees, & Hips” is outstanding. And if Luke Worthington’s presentation on assessment doesn’t make you swoon, his British accent will.

However, what I feel makes this resource special is that it includes a little bit of everything. I don’t know about you, but I can only handle so many hours of any one topic before I want to jump through a pane glass window.

The only exception(s) would be 1) breaking down and ranking Jason Bourne fight scenes and 2) bacon.

Here you get 17 hours of content, albeit all bundled up in a hodge-podge of diverse topics – everything mentioned above in addition to presentations on Programming For Pull-Ups, Understanding Flexion & Extension Based Back Pain, How to Write Stellar Fitness Content, Improving Overhead Mobility, Finding Your Ideal Client, and Core & Pelvic Floor Lifting Considerations.

What’s more, Dr. Lisa Lewis’s presentations on Negative Self Talk and How to Increase Motivation are the two wild cards, in my opinion, that provide a ton of value. Like it or not, if you’re a personal trainer or coach, half of what you do entails psych0logy and the “soft” skills of coaching.

3) It Isn’t JUST Dudes Talking

Nine industry experts are involved with this resource.

Four are women.

I’m sorry, but that’s a HUGE deal for me and it’s pretty fuckin cool.


4) Go At Your Own Pace and Earn Continuing Ed Credits

The Trainer’s Toolbox is an online resource that you can view at your own pace. There’s no time requirement to complete it, so whether you want to binge watch everything in two days or watch a little here and a little there…you do you.

Moreover, when complete (and you send in your exam) you can earn 1.7 continuing education credits via the NSCA. This is something you need to stay on top of every two years, and if it’s tough for you to travel to attend workshops and seminars this is a convenient way to meet those requirements.

5) We’re Planning Sequels

I think.

I’m like 90% sure this is the plan.3

But unlike The Matrix sequels these won’t suck donkey balls.

The advantage here is that with each subsequent iteration you get an even further glimpse into what all of us are currently thinking and doing. What will we have changed our stance on? What new things will we have learned?

Will Sarah win Kumite in 2020?

You’ll just have to wait….

6) BONUS: You Can Save $100 OFF the Regular Price

The Complete Trainers’ Toolbox is currently on sale at $100 off the regular price, but it only last through this Sunday (2/17) at midnight.

Only a few more days to take advantage.

—> Go HERE <—

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  1. Yeah, that’s right, a Sex in the City reference. And yeah, that’s right, it’s been what, I don’t know, 15+ years, and I’m STILL not over Carrie breaking up with Aidan. WHY CARRIE, WHY??? AIDAN LOVED YOU! MR. BIG SUCKS. AIDAN, AIDAN, AIDAN!

  2. Only a slight exaggeration.

  3. SURPRISE, Dean, Lisa, Kellie, Luke, Alex, Meghan, Sam, and Luke.

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