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How To Make Your Programs Programs Your Clients Will Actually Follow

This article is not going to dive into the x’s and o’s of program design. For that you can peruse my Resources Page and find plenty of options to fit your fancy. Instead, today, I wanted to peel the onion (so-to-speak) and discuss the layers of program design that rarely get discussed. Copyright: wavebreakmediamicro /… Read more

Diesel Dad: An Upcoming Strength Training Program

Diesel Dad Begins UPDATE: After posting this yesterday it was brought to my attention that a Diesel Dad resource already exists! My friend Anders Verner (of Barbell Shrugged) texted me and was like: “I’ll see you in court.” Just kidding. He said, “Diesel Dad is a rad idea, and I truly hate writing this, but… Read more

5 Next Level Super Sets For Better Results

As this post goes live, I am on a plane on my way back to Boston. It’s sad leaving Florida…especially given how scorching hot the rest of the country is at the moment (100-115 degrees on BOTH coasts). It’s quite ironic that, of all places, Florida has arguably the best weather in the country right… Read more