Fad Diet Review

In his book, “Girth Control,” nutritionist Alan Aragon reviews some of the more popular fad diets that have been popularized in recent years. Today, I’d like to review “The Zone” diet by Dr. Barry Sears using a mix-n-match of both Alan’s thoughts and mine. Enter the Zone Author’s Credentials: Barry Sears, PhD, is a former… Read more

“Ewww. Cottage Cheese?”

A week never goes by where I don’t hear the above quote at least once from a client. Young athletes always ask me what they should be eating on a daily basis, and inevitably I will mutter cottage cheese. You would think I was telling them to eat battery acid from a car based upon… Read more

“I Never Train Legs”

I hear the above quote a lot and it fascinates me. Men are the main culprit, who despite the fact that they want to put on some more size and have always struggled to do so, never train their legs. Helllooooo!?!?!?! 70% of your total muscle mass is below the waist. My girlfriend knows what… Read more

My Girlfriend Is Stronger Than You

This is my girlfriend Katlyn. She deadlifted 215, 230, and 250 lbs last night (the video link below shows her 250 lbs pull). All of this AFTER she performed her regular training routine. Less than a year ago (or what I like to call the Pre-Tony era) she had never attempted a deadlift in her… Read more

Fish Oil Primer

There are a handful of “things” that people need more of in their daily lives. People need more: 1. Healthy fats; particularly fish oil (more on this below). 2. Time away from the television. My girlfriend and I actually have “unplugged night” once per week where we turn off the tv and just hang out… Read more

Calorie Restriction and Life Span

WARNING: this is going to be a doozy of a post. The topic of calorie restriction to increase one’s lifespan has grown in popularity in recent years and to be honest, I am not falling for it. First: we don’t necessarily know for sure whether or not it works. Sorry weirdos, but just because there… Read more

Your Naked Nutrition Guide

It’s been awhile since I had any nutritional content on the blog, so I figured I would let people know about an outstanding product. My friend and uber cool nutritionist Mike Roussell released his manual “Your Naked Nutrition Guide” a few months ago. Not only is it the most awesome name for a manual ever,… Read more

Q an A (ACL injury)

Q: Tony, the fitness coordinator where I work just asked me to take another client, but she has a left knee injury (ACL). She wants to go on a fat loss program. I don’t want to risk injuring her just doing bodyweight squats and lunges because she has mentioned tome that both movements hurt her… Read more