60 Second Deadlift Tip: The Trap Bar Counts As Deadlifting

“Home base” for most lifters can and should be the trap-bar deadlift. There, I Said It. Come at Me, Internet Trolls I remember a few years back when I was still coaching at Cressey Sports Performance another trainer who was there observing for the day walked up to make casual conversation and to ask a… Read more

8 Innovative Exercises For Stronger Hip Flexors and Adductors: A Collaboration with Meghan Callaway

  Recently the indelible, delightful, and impressive Meghan Callaway and I collaborated on a series where we each shared four innovative exercises for both the hip flexors and adductors. As far as duos go, we rank somewhere in between peanut butter & jelly and Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga. Check em out. You Won’t Believe… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/21/20

THE WEEKLY BRIEF UPDATE 1. #Achillesgate2020 Update Nothing too too new to brag about this week other than I WAS CLEARED TO DRIVE MOTHERFUCKAS. Up until this past Tuesday I hadn’t been behind the wheel of a car since May 23rd. My wife has been carting me everywhere. Babe, I need to go to work!… Read more

The Art of Distraction

You ever head to the gym, get there, and then all you want to do is leave? No matter how hard you try you just can’t muster the mojo to get going and preserver through a training session. I had one of those days yesterday, actually. I stayed and swallowed a somewhat decent session down,… Read more

60 Second Deadlift Tip: Squeeze the Orange

I often tell people that what “connects” you to the barbell during the deadlift isn’t your hands. Rather, it’s your lats. Having the ability to engage them and firing on all cylinders during the set-up and execution has profound ramifications on deadlift technique and performance. The thing is: For some trainees, asking him or her… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/14/20

THE WEEKLY BRIEF UPDATE 1. #Achillesgate2020 Update I’m out of the boot! Well, kinda. In the past week I’ve spent a little more time out of the boot walking around the apartment and occasionally living live dangerously and walking around the neighborhood. It seemingly took me a week to walk to the bank and back… Read more

CORE at Home: Pay What You Want

When COVID unveiled its ugly head this past winter and forced the health/wellness industry to shut down I did what every fitness professional did: Hyperventilated into a paper bag. But after that, I did the second most germane thing: Watched the entirety of Ozark on Netflix. But after that, I created CORE @ Home: A… Read more

60 Second Deadlift Tip: Push, Not Pull

We often think of the deadlift as a pulling exercise, and that’s true. But it’s also very much a pushing exercise. Push, Not Pull In the most rudimentary sense the deadlift can best be described as an action where one bends over at the waist, wraps his or her’s hands around a barbell, and then… Read more