Coaching Competency Workshop: Manchester, England

It’s been over 15 months since I’ve announced any IN-PERSON workshops (or stepped foot inside a plane). I’m elated to announce that I am coming back to England in 2021.

Manchester to be exact.

(FYI: London will also be added shortly)

*Cue the trumpets*

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My Coaching Competency Workshop is an opportunity for fitness professionals (or those who just like to lift heavy things) to gain better understanding and insight into how I structure assessments and program design, how I coach, tweak, and progress common strength exercises, as well as how I build and maintain motivation/rapport with my clients and athletes.

Topics Covered Include:

1) Using the Self-Determination Theory – Autonomy, Competency, and Relatedness – to foster and enhance motivation and long-term success with clients.

2) Upper & Lower Extremity Assessment: “Big Rock” things to look at and the importance of demonstrating success to your clients on Day 1.

3) Coaching up common strength exercises and how to individualize them to fit the goal(s), injury history, ability level, and maybe most important of all, anatomy, of each client.

4) Top 5 Netflix shows I’ve watched during the pandemic (Lupin = the shit).

Date: Sunday, September 12th, 2021

Time: 9 am – 5 pm (with an hour break for lunch).

Location: Gudlift Gym, 2nd Floor Bridgewater Mill, Legh Street, Manchester M30 0UT

Register: You can go HERE to sign-up and take advantage of the Early Bird rate.

  • $299.00 (USD) until 8/15/21
  • $349.00 (USD) thereafter.

* CEUs will be made available via the NSCA.

** Pillow fights optional.